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London’s best balayage technique perfected through decades of experience and dedication to the art of hair colouring. A magic touch of London’s leading hair expert. Immaculate results. Moe’s signature free-hand hair colouring method ensures that the transition is smooth and imitates the way the light naturally plays on the hair, giving the illusion of natural depth, thickness and dimension. Moe’s state-of-the-art balayage technique is a signature service that will leave your hair looking immaculate.

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Love is in the hair

Dreaming of luxurious natural-looking locks that illuminate your face in just the right places?London’s best hair colourist offers a unique hair colouring technique that will make you love your hair even more. 

Moe Harb’s signature balayage is a dream come true for those looking to add dimension and create an illusion of volume. Show your hair some love with this high-in-demand hair colour treatment designed to give you the hair colour of your dreams without the need to fully commit. Grown-out roots can get hard to keep up with. 

Balayage is a perfect low-maintenance hair colouring style that will invigorate the hair and add dimension without rushing you to book a maintenance appointment. No need to touch up the roots every month, as Moe’s signature balayage is designed to give you a perfect blend and a root stretch that will allow you to either let the hair naturally grow out or keep brightening them. Healthy hair is Moe’s top priority. 

Moe harb works in the Beauty Club London which is known as one of the best balayage salons in London. His technique is gentle on the hair, working in sections where less bleach or hair dye is used, making it a healthier option for those looking to go lighter. Get gorgeous illuminated locks and keep the natural shine and health of the hair with Moe Harb’s bespoke Balayage London, contact us or use the Whatsapp button. (bottom right)



Balayage London

Dimension, volume and a natural blended colour. Think perfect highlights, maybe just a couple of shades lighter than your base colour, mimicking the way the sun kisses your hair. Free-hand painted highlights applied to sections of hair for a smooth transition. Moe’s blended highlight technique used in London’s best balayage lets your hair grow out beautifully, without visible contrast of your roots and the hair that’s coloured.



Why Get a Balayage

Are you still hesitant about getting a perfectly blended balayage? Then this will help sway your decision. Below are some of the best benefits of a balayage in London.


There’s no specific or single format for a great balayage. The combination of colours and blend will vary for each person, you can consult Moe about the numerous techniques he uses. You can achieve that picture-perfect hair with unique combinations and colour placement handmade for you. Get a pearly balayage or babylights — that sit on top of your  balayage for that seamless connected blend.


A Balayage never runs out of style. It is always in and on trend, giving you that effortless classy look that suits almost every woman. The best salon for balayage in London will be able to help you choose the perfect customised balayage to suit your skin tone.  Moe has the best colour combinations for you to choose from with out damaging your natural hair


When your dyed hair deviates too much from your natural hair colour your roots will start to show in a matter of weeks.. This means that you will constantly have to touch up the colour when your roots grow to keep it looking good. Getting a great balayage from Moe will prevent this problem. Balayage is great for blending the natural  hair colour and growth cycle of your hair to the coloured parts of your hair. Despite the monthly or even weekly tonal changes or root growth, you will find you won’t hair to dye your hair so often to keep it looking perfect. There will be no more visible harsh division between the balayage portion and newly grown hair.

Quick and Snappy

If you think that you have no time for a trip to the salon anymore, lets change your mind about that . Balayage only takes around an hour with Moe’s expertise and speedy precision  application . The process  involves the following:

  • Consultation — This will  happen before the balayage application. Ask balayage specialist Moe Harb about the perfect blend and colour’s for you.  On most occasions  you will  have to undergo a patch test to ensure that you’re not allergic to hair dyes this is fast and simple to do.
  • Tell Moe what you want — Explain the look you want to achieve. You can  show him some pictures of what you want your hair to look like this always helps as a guide to getting your perfect hair . He canalso offer his suggestions about the colour that will suit you best.
  • Balayage the right way— Moe  and his team will get straight into it and create you the hair you’ve always dreamed of.. You’ll walk out of the salon feeling like a million dollars with healthy shiny looking hair with the perfect balayage.

The Perfect Balayage For You

There is no recipe for a  balayage it is a completely personal choice and creation between you  and Moe and his team. A balayage can be subtle of have strong colour dimensions its all about what you feel confident about pulling off. This is why you need to choose the best balayage London to achieve what you want. The following are the most common colour combinations recommended for specific skin colours:

  • For dark skin tones, shades of caramel, ashy blonde, warm, and light colours are perfect.
  • For medium skin tone, soft browns and warm blondes are great if you want to go for lighter hues. The recommended colours for this kind of skin tone are reds and chocolate brown. Purples and blues will also look amazing.
  • For pale skin, light or dark brown, red, and blonde will look divine.
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Achieve the Hair of Your Dreams

Get that luxurious, healthy hair with Moe’s best balayage London. He is located in the Beauty Club London, with his pride as having one of the best balayage salons in London. Schedule a consultation today via the contact us page or use the Whatsapp button on the bottom left, and get the hair you’ve always dreamed of.



Balayage near me

Moe Harb and his team are located on Oxford Street in the Beauty Club, only a 3-minute walk from Oxford Circus Station. If you’re in the area, search balayage near me, or you can contact us via the contact page Whatsapp.

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